Dir. Claudine Bridson

Since establishing my registered company in France I’ve been working with major local companies in English language training. I am a certified TOEIC examiner.


I also offer short residential courses providing an exceptional and authentic opportunity allowing you to be fully submerged in the language without leaving your country.

My longstanding teaching and coaching experience in a wide variety of environments allows me to assess the needs and provide a structured, tailor-made programme for my clients.



Notre large clientèle comprend des entreprises de renom comme:Troisgros, Gimaex, Manitowok-Potain, Refresco, L3C-U10, Michelin, Vocus (Datapresse), ITECH, MONS, Révillon, Rheinzink, Notaires SCP LABARRIERE RAQUIN, Chambre of Commerce, ainsi qu'un grand nombre de PME dans la région.


Voici quelques déclarations:


112 avenue de la Libération   -    F-42120 Le Coteau -   tel: +33 6 89 88 79 44

* coaching languages by registered instructor


Dir. Claudine Bridson     email: contact@clbri-coaching.com


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